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by Cecil & Sands..

Single Origins

From small estates, around the world

The Passion

We take our coffee very seriously

The Process

Roasted in small batches with zero Shortcuts

The Story

of our coffee

A novel venture from a duo of traditional coffee connoisseurs. We at Temple Grounds have been inspired by the roasts and blends from some of the most serious coffee shops around the globe. These include ones from the alleyways of Melbourne, the seven dials in Covent Garden and the brick lanes of Sicily.

Each blend that we produce is a homage to the reminiscent of an extraordinary coffee that enhanced a terrific day and paved a fantastic memory

Cecil Perera


This man is the Cecil of "Cecil & Sands". You have to visit our offices to meet the "Sands".

• Favourite coffee memory : Caffè Gambrinus, Napoli

• Favourite farm : Something in Costa Rica

• Best Blend :Monmouth House


Diedrich IR-12

A.K.A Top Bollock

This lady heads our roasting department. She spends most her time at our warehouse in rotterdam, roasting up serious blends for the big boys. For small batches, we use the IR 2.5

• Catalytic oxidizer.

• 12kg.

• Fine-tuned PID temperature controller



The Beans

The Magic

The method of processing the harvest has a massive impact on the cup quality of the coffee. But there are very few producers – even on the global scale – that yield the process to contribute to cup quality.

At temple grounds we pay the extra dollar (or rupee) to a selected lot of farmers that go the extra mile to produce the better bean. Correct processing required more time, investment and resources and few farmers would have the patience to pay attention to the smaller details. This is one of the many instances where we adhere to our "no shortcuts" promise.

We use both "washed processed" and "natural dry processed" beans. Our year around favouries include

• Costa Rican Tarrazo

• Columbian Huila - Neiva

• Brazilian Minas Gerias

• El Salvador - Cordillera de Apaneca’s

• Ethiopian Sidamo


Our Culture

We are keen about sourcing specialty coffees from small farms in Central America.

Single Origins

what's roasting

At Temple Grounds we play around with different beans, different blends and different roasts. If you're a coffee enthusiast, fussy about your espressos and Piccolos, then you're probably interested in the single origins we offer. If you're a themed restaurateur who prefers a specific degree of roast, then please refer to our specialised regional roasts.

Every year we make trips to maintain and foster new relationships with farmers and seek out better tasting coffees and understand the steps of farming, harvesting and processing.

Golden Rule I

Buy coffee that has a clear roast date.

Silver Lining

Buy coffee that has some kind of protective packaging that will protect the moisture and keep the oils fresh.

Golden Rule II

Buy whole beans and grind it before you brew.

The Rules

Our Advice

Coffee snobs (pretend) to appreciate 5 attributes when tasting coffee.

1. Sweetness

2. Acidity

3. Mouthfeel

4. Balance

5. Flavour

While it's a great idea to write tasting notes to judge or keep record of which beans you enjoy, what really matters is the overall feeling that you undergo when you sip that creamy espresso…

Roasted Beans

A flavour of the bean will gradually change – sometimes for the better – over the first ten days. But after 2-3 weeks, it would have lost its flavour and is quite useless. That's why the coffee at nice big coffee shops(that imports fancy beans in bulk) taste so "different"

Grounded Beans

Once grounded, the freshness clock starts ticking. After 30 minutes or so, the grounded coffee would have lost most of its precious moisture. If your local café is constantly grinding new beans, then you're in luck.

Loving Your Latte

We – along with a lot of other baristas – believe that milk based coffee shouldn't be served too hot or too frothy. The produced drink should not look like Frog eggs. It should be drinkable (ideally 68 Celsius) and have a smooth texture.

Small Farmers

Small farmers have the time and patience to actually care about the bean they grow, pick and process. We believe in going to extra mile (or two thousand miles) to get a bean that will produce an extraordinary coffee.Smaller farms, often managed by families face limitations on meeting the challenges with climate change, soil and supply chain


We treasure the relationship with our consumers and only work with trusted baristas who adhere to same principles and beliefs as us. The rules are actually quite simple. The tough part is keeping it simple.


The raw coffee bean has acids, water and sugars in it. When roasted ( fast/slow/light/dark/hot etc) the waters evaporate, the sugars react and the acids stable to produce a combination of flavours.


Since every batch is "made to order", please contact us to find out how much it will cost. Making real coffee is similar to a customized cake

Local Blends



Kandyan Blends


Hill Country Blends


Premium Blends


Central American



South American


Single Origins


Costa Rican





Someone (probably Eleanor Roosevelt) once said...

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people."

We wholeheartedly agree, while adding the footnote that

"ALL DISCUSSIONS are better with a good coffee"

The Contact

Let's talk

The best way to get a feel of Temple Grounds is to taste it yourself. So give us a call, drop in at our offices and sample an espresso ( or latte or whatever that makes you float). We always recommend that you try out a cup before buying the beans. Our blends are THAT good

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